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Fishery Report: 13th - 18th August 2003

Water temperature has dropped to 19 C at 6ft.and clarity has risen to 3m on the secchi disk. A very good weeks fishing (Saturday boat average was 9 fish for 21lbs), occasionally made difficult by high winds. The same spots are still holding fish (i.e. cages, off the road shore and the Malling Shore) and best catches are still to be had deep. The booby is the ideal fly to get the depth but not the weed, and strong line is as usual a pre-requisite.

During the recent heat wave some anglers were fishing their lure out the back of the boat. This technique may be just about acceptable in a nil wind or variable very light wind situation, but where there is a breeze, anglers who allow their flies to trail behind the boat as the boat drifts down wind are effectively trawling. This practice is therefore not permitted at Menteith.

Although it was once as rare as hen’s teeth in Scotland, the osprey has made a remarkable return. There are now six different breeding pairs which visit the lake, all of which have reared young in 2003. The osprey is another useful management tool for us at the Lake as it preys very predominantly on small fish (particularly perch, roach and eels), which would otherwise compete for food items with the trout. Its lack of sufficient lift for larger prey means that our stock fish (with the exception of some browns) are not a prey item. Another otter holt has recently been discovered in the vicinity of the Lake. The otter does take a variety of fish – including rainbows. However, for those lucky enough to see an otter at work on the Lake – it can make for a successful day out.

Club Results and other Notable Catches
12th August: D.Paterson 7 fish for 17lbs 4oz, Ellen FC (15 boats) 33 trout 71lbs 9oz.

14th August: Lothian and Borders (Police) 13 boats 108 fish for 226lbs, Elison 8 fish.

15th August: R.Aitken (Beith) 12 fish for 28lbs 6oz, Scottish Power 13 fish for 30lbs, Edinburgh Fly Dressers (6 boats) 51 fish for 114lbs 5oz (K.McCabe 8 for 19lbs 5oz), Dalzell Steel (6 boats) 31 fish for 72lbs.

16th August: Cove and Kilcreggan 47 fish for 124lbs, Kinross-shire 28 fish for 61lbs, Good Companions (6 boats) 70 fish for 160lbs, Thack (6 boats) 79 fish for 167lbs.

17th August: P& I Clarke 15 fish for 29lbs, LLAC (5 boats) 41 fish for 103lbs, St.Serfs Ladies (8 boats) 29 fish for 62lbs, Lame Ducks (8 boats) 22 fish for 51lbs.

18th August: Fairbairn (Helensburgh) 7 fish for 16lbs, Curries (Blackburn) 9 fish for 23lbs.

Quint Glen (Mgr)