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23rd September is no longer a competition reserve day (28 boats available now available for booking).

Fishery Report: 9th – 15th September.
Water temperature is 15 C at 6ft and clarity has shot up to 3.8m in the last couple of days. The water is the clearest since records began 4 years ago. There has been lots of surface activity this week with reports of plenty of visible fish action but getting them to take an imitation requires patience and the fish are easily spooked. There appeared to be no great difficulty in catching fish during the Daily Record Scottish Interclub Championships Semi-final when the boat average catch was 7.8 fish for 16lbs 2oz. Fishing has been really spread out (Butts, Lochend and Hotel Bay are fishing again), with anglers reporting success on a variety of methods. Thus my advice has usually not been very helpful, i.e. anywhere, any depth, any line, any fly (dries, buzzers, lures) at any speed. Most anglers are using floating or intermediate lines but as the fish are coming up – but one angler advised that it was easier to cover all the bases using a high density line.

(Alan Holbrook with a fish from last week; photo C.Riach)

Please book in advance. September has so far been very busy. We currently only have boats remaining for 25th,29th and 30th September. All weekend boats are fully booked until the end of the season which is 31/10/03. The 23rd September is a reserve day, in the event that the competition on 19/9/03 is postponed due to bad weather. We will know whether the 23rd will become available around 18/09/03 (28 boats NOW AVAILABLE as at 8.30am 18/9/03). Bookings can be made for this day on the proviso that it doesn’t blow a gale on 19/9/03.

As there is now no evening fishing, the booking office hours are 9am to 5.30pm.

Club Results and other Notable Catches
9th Sept: Dept.Health and Social Security (19 boats) 50 fish 101lbs
10th Sept: Interclub (13 boats) 57 fish for 115lbs.
11th Sept: Bill Barnes (Fife) 15 fish for 38lbs, Buchanan and McCracken 15 for 32lbs, Ramage and Roberts 15 fish for 32lbs, Edin Alliance (4 boats) 19 fish for 39lbs.
12th Sept: Scottish Clubs Semi Final. 21 three men teams caught 249 fish for 517lbs. The 8 teams to qualify were; Creiff A 21 fish, St.Serfs B 19 fish, Ed.Trout 18 fish, Beith St.Inans 18 trout, Brechin B 16 trout, Johnston Fly 14 trout, Eaglesham A 16 trout, Horrywood 16 trout.
13th Sept: Rainbow of Glenrothes (5 boats) 21 fish for 41lbs, Forth Valley (2 boats) 16 fish for 36lbs, Stanley AC (6 boats) 38 fish for 76lbs.
14th Sept: MacKay Auchterlonie 15 fish for 31lbs, Leslie and Glenrothes (4 boats) 32 fish for 68lbs, Alloa (4 boats) 19 fish for 41lbs, Vale of Leven (8 boats) no return.
15th Sept: Heriots FPAC (8 boats) 23 fish for 45lbs, BPAC (4 boats) 10 fish 24lbs, St.Leonards (5 boats) 13 fish for 25lbs.

The Second of the 2003 Scottish Interclub Championships takes place on Friday 19th September (10-5pm).