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Fishery Report: 8th July to 14th July

Staff and anglers at the fishery were saddened to hear of the death of the widely respected and knowledgeable angler George Reed of Bridge of Weir AC on Sunday 13th July. George was 55.

Water temperature has soared to 21C at 6ft and clarity has risen to 2.1m. Due to the unusually shallow nature of the lake - it is much more influenced by wind, temperature or light effects than deeper bodies of water. These top layer temperatures are stressful to the fish - which head for the cooler more oxygenated, more life abundant thermoclyne that becomes established over the deeper areas. When these areas are supplemented with a cooler supply of incoming burn water (e.g. Gateside Bay) the fish will congregate in numbers. Other deepwater hot spots can be found around the islands, heronry and off the road shore. Angling is currently confined to these areas and fast sinking lines (count to 20) and the use of visible lures are recommended. Visible natural life includes perch and roach fry, caenis and the usual blue damsel flies (why are imitations always green?).

Club Results and other Notable Catches
9th July: The Eighth night of the Glenkinchie Boat League; 22 anglers landed 68 fish for 139lbs. Top rod John Hood received a bottle of Glenkinchie for his limit bag of 8 fish for 18lbs 14oz - caught using a floating line and two muddlers and a yellow owl in the shooting butts. Front runners A.Ronald and D.Paterson for once missed out on the luck and only manage seven fish between them. 2nd top bag was Paul Garner with 7 fish for 13lbs 7oz. Arthur wilkie was captor of the biggest fish (2lbs 13oz) and also received a bottle. A.Ronald remains top of the table.

11th July: Bill Ramage and Frank Dawson (Alva and Glasgow), 15 fish for 36lbs 4oz, Barclay/McKenzie (Port Glasgow)15 fish for 39lbs, St.Mungo AC (Glenfarg) (11 boats) 40 fish for 87lbs,

12th July: On Saturday evening the 51 anglers taking part in the 10th heat of the Scottish Interclub Championships caught 119 fish weighing 244lbs. The winning 3 man team was Port Glasgow B with 19 fish for 42lbs 20z, 2nd were Inchinnan AC with 11 fish for 23lbs 2oz and 3rd were Luckies A with 8 fish for 20lbs 1oz. The heaviest fish (2lb11oz) was caught by R.Brown of Leslie and Glenrothes A. Most fish came from the top end (Malling/Heronry) and best flies were the cormorant, diawl bach and cats on floating or intermediate lines.
Further details of the top 4 individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions will be available in the competitions sponsor – the Daily Record. Top four from last week were P.Grubb (Cupar 5 fish), I.Earle (SANA 5 fish), S.McDade (Crown Fly 4 fish) and W.Barnes (Rothes Oak 5 fish). The winning club, best individual and heaviest fish all received Bowmore Whisky.

Sunday 13th: Heat wave arrives in earnest. Edin Alliance (5 boats) 18 fish 33lbs, Lame Ducks (9 boats) 8 fish for 22lbs and Tillicoultry (4 boats) 7 fish for 14lbs.