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8th to 15th April (incl) 2003


Average boat catch: 8/4/03 to 14/4/03 (incl.) was 4.1 fish for 8lbs. Average fish weight 1lb 15oz.

The water temperature at 6ft is 11 C, normal for this time of year at the Lake – as are the visiting ospreys, fluttering kites and foraging otters. Clarity stands at 1.3m on the Secchi disk and this current level of visibility means that bright lures are showing good returns. The lake was last stalked on the 10th April with 1100 rainbows. The clement weather is allowing good catches. These came mainly from the eastern shores at the start of the week but with some recent strong easterlies some good bags have been taken from Gateside Bay / Stable Point. Generally the fish have been close to the bottom on the shallow drifts but there have also been rises. A slow retrieve with an intermediate line was a popular tactic. Flies worthy of mention this week have been buzzers, montanas, various sparkly lures, green peter sedge, white cat, black and green fritz and dancers.

      Adam Wallace (North Berwick) with a blue.      
Colin Riach (Heriots FP) thought that the fish seemed to find this lure particularly attractive – as 7 out of 7 fish picked this fly out on the middle dropper. Colin calls it a Kate McLaren Lure, and says the fly is based on booby version of the Kate McLaren given to him by Ronnie Robb of Neilston AC.


Club Results and other Notable Catches

8th April: Paterson and Leach – 13 fish 26lbs, A.Glasgow (Edin) 15 fish for 25lbs.
9th April: G.McClymont (Eaglesham) 7 fish for 17lbs 12oz, A.Laird (Falkirk) 12 fish 22lbs.
11th April: M.Leiper & R.Ness 11 fish for 23lbs, Porter & Murray (Grangemouth) 11 fish 23lbs, Miller (Perth) 14 fish for 25lbs, SSEB (14 boats) 52 fish for 107lbs.
12th April: Peline (Glasgow) 15 fish 29lbs, Wallace (N.Berwick) 12 fish for 25lbs, Heriots FP (6 boats) 42 fish for 73lbs 10z and 4 returned, Phoenix AC (8 boats) 12 fish for 21lbs, Commore AC Paisley (4 boats) 10 fish for 17lbs, Milngavie AC (4 boats) 19 fish for 37lbs.
13th April: Rainbow Warrior (4 boats) 37 fish 83lbs, Dalziel AC (7 boats) 42 fish for 78lbs, Segdoune (AC 7.5 boats) 74 fish for 136lbs – best bag J.Crawford with limit at 1.45pm.
14th April: Robertson (Ayr) 10 fish for 19lbs, Marshall (Glasgow) 9 fish for 16lbs, Boylan (Kilwinning) 9 fish for 21lbs.

Best regards from Quint Glen