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Fishery Report: 4th- 12th August
Water temperature is currently reading 21 C at 6ft.and clarity has risen to 2.8m on the secchi disk. A peak temperature of 22.5C was recorded on 8/8/03. The fish have gone very deep (20-30ft) and have been confined over the Gateside Bay/ North Island Deeps with a smaller but diminishing holding deep off the road shore. These conditions can make it very easy for the anglers that know where to look, but as the heat wave continues the fish will become a bit more educated by the variety of lures plumbing the depths, particularly around the Portend Burn mouth. The recent increase in clarity will help lure fish nearer the surface – but the north island deep is a large area, so it will pay dividends if explored. It would also be wise to explore the Heronry and Arnmach deeps. Catches have held up remarkedly well during the day (Sunday 10th ,Balbeggie AC, 6 boats, 35 fish for 80lbs) but were poor on the night of Saturday 9th when the Scottish Clubs could only manage 44 fish. Is the usual dip in oxygen levels (when the algae stops photosynthesis), having an effect? Is it too dark down there at that time of night? Were the visiting anglers not used to the conditions at the Lake? I have been snorkelling in the west (Sandy Bay) and east basins (Hotel Bay) of the Lake and the west basin was noticeably cooler with less algae covering the macrophytes (plants) than in the east basin – which is generally shallower.
Mr. Bob Brown (Strathclyde Police) landed the catch of the week. The wallet of Ross Walker (some association with Heriot Watt University?) took his muddy water fly, which was being fished on a very slow retrieve off reedy point. The bank cards in the wallet have expiry dates of 1998/99 – indicating that the wallet was lost some time ago. There was no money recovered from the wallet.

Menteith lad Duncan Glen shows off this 3lb 2oz perch which was found floating on the surface. The UK record is 5lbs 9oz (caught in 1935).

Club Results and other Notable Catches
5th August: Police Inter – Force Interforce (17 boats) 77 trout (171lbs). Milngavie AC (6boats) 20 fish for 46lbs. 6th August: Intercity (18 boats) 75 fish for 180lbs – won by 12 man team from Edinburgh with 28 fish for 70lbs.
The Twelfth and Final night of the Glenkinchie boat league took place on 6/8/93, 15 anglers landed 21 fish for 50lbs 3oz. Top rod on the night was Davie Paterson with 6 fish for 15lbs 10oz - taken from the road shore on various coloured boobies. League leader Alan Ronald secured the title of Glenkinchie League Champion with a Fantastic Best Eight bags for 112lbs. Davie Paterson's good bag on the night was enough to make him Glenkinchie Runner Up in 2003. Adam Wallace who rallied late in the competition finished third and also was the captor of the League's heaviest bag (8 fish for 21lbs 13oz on the 30th July. The heaviest fish of the 2003 league was caught by Kevin McCabe of Edinburgh (5lbs 9oz). Alan Ronald's nightly average (all nights) was 11.87lbs per night. On this calculation D.Paterson was again second with 11.5 fish per night and A.Wallace was third placed with 9.343 fish per night.
7th August: Lothian and Borders v Strathclyde Police (10 boats) 20 fish for 48lbs. 8th August: Grangemouth AC (8 boats) 61 trout for 150lbs, Edinburgh Fly Dressers (9 boats) 63 fish for 152lbs. 9th August: Tap shop (4 boats) 13 fish for 30lbs, Falkirk Fly Dressers (7boats) 53 fish 134lbs.

In the evening the 57 anglers taking part in the 14th and FINAL heat of the Scottish Interclub Championships caught 41 trout for 109lbs. The winning team was Grizzle Cats B with 8 fish for 19lbs 12oz, 2nd were Dunfermline with 7 fish for 17lbs 9oz and 3rd were Invergowrie A with 7 fish for 16lbs 3oz. Most fish came from the cages using high D lines and boobies. Past Champion David de Boer was responsible for the total Dunfermline catch. Further details of the top 4 individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions will be available in the competitions sponsor – the Daily Record. The winning club, best individual and heaviest fish all received Bowmore Whisky. .