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Fishery Report: 2nd – 8th September.
Water temperature is 16 C at 6ft.and clarity is showing 2.5m on the secchi disk. Catches have been near the surface with anglers using predominantly slow sinking lines. Areas that have been fishing well are the road shore, Gateside Bay, Reedy Point and Hotel Bay. Please book in advance. September has so far been very busy. We currently only have boats remaining for 24th, 25th ,26th ,29th and 30th September. The 23rd September is a reserve day, in the event that competitions are postponed due to bad weather. We will know whether this day will become available around 18/09/03.

Club Results and other Notable Catches
2nd Sept: Interschools (10 boats) 69 fish for 148lbs, Tayside Police (4 boats) 13 fish for 27lbs. 3rd Sept: Falkirk Fishing Club (5 boats) 32 fish for 77lbs, Edin Civil Service (3 boats) 30 fish 69lbs.
4th Sept: Strathclyde Police (9 boats) 44 fish for 121lbs, Lothian and Borders Police (14 boats) 85 fish for 171lbs
5th Sept: Ramage and Smith (Alva) 15 fish 36lbs, Norhet AC (6 boats) 27 fish for 56lbs.
6th Sept: Basfords (no catch return), CSSA Rosyth (7 boats) 24 fish for 49lbs, Phoenix (5 boats) 7 fish for 13lbs.
7th Sept: Pentland Flyfishers (5 boats) no return, P+I Clarke (Glasgow) 12 fish 24lbs, Johnson Kilmarnock (3 boats) 29 fish 58lbs, North Berwick AC (9 boats) 46 trout for 93lbs, IBM (11 boats) 68 fish for 142lbs, Pentland Flyfishers (5 boats) – no return.
8th Sept: Grangemouth AC (7 boats) 37 fish for 91lbs, Edin. Walton (6 boats) 20 fish for 42lbs and CIBA (7 boats) 15 fish for 30lbs.

The First of the 2003 Scottish Interclub Championships takes place on Friday 12th September (10-5pm). Clubs competing are: Beith St.Inans, Brechin, Canmore, Creiff, Cupar, Dunfermline, Eaglesham, Edinburgh Trout, Farmers and Assoc, Ferranti, Grizzle Cats, Horrywood, Johnstone Fly, Leslie Llanlar, Stanley and Dist., St.Mungo, St.Serfs, Sunburst, Tap Shop, Thistle and Wellington.