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August Catch Summary
The average number of fish caught per boat in August was 3.78. The average fish weight was 2lbs 5oz – giving an average bag of 8.74lbs (7oz less than last year). The stocked fish have never looked better. August was a month of record breaking water temperatures (23C at 6ft) and this made fishing almost impossible on occasions, although for those able to fish deep some very respectable catches were made.
Fishery Report 27th August to 1st September
Water temperature is 16 C at 6ft.and clarity is
showing 2m on the secchi disk. Catches have been good to average this week. The fish are spreading out again and falling more readily to surface tactics. Best bags have been using a floating line and lure, buzzers or dries. The Road shore is still receiving the most plaudits but Sandy Bay, Reedy Point and the top end have also fished and the shallower drifts of the east basin are now probably worth a cast.

Gill Forsyth of Methven has retained the Scottish National Ladies Championship with 9 fish for 18lbs 14oz.

More cormorants have arrived at the lake this week, as have the first of the overwintering pinkfeet geese. The swallows and housemartins have not yet left and there is still the odd osprey to be seen.

Please book in advance. September is as usual shaping up to be a very busy month and most of the days are fully booked. We currently have boats remaining on 16th, 24th ,25th ,26th ,29th and 30th of September. The 23rd September is a reserve day, in the event that competitions are postponed due to bad weather. We will know whether this day will become available around 18/09/03.

Club Results and other Notable Catches

27th Aug: Glasgow Art Club (4 boats) 13 fish for 30lbs, CSP 6 boats 51 fish for 110lbs. 28th Aug: Manion 7 fish for 14lbs, L&B Police (14 boats) 53 fish for 111lbs. 29th August: Strathie (Rothesay) 14 fish for 33lbs, West of Scot (4 boats) 10 fish for 20lbs, Western AC (4 boats) 13 fish for 31lbs. 30th August: Wiremill (8 boats?) no record, Albert AC (4 boats) 26 fish for 58lbs, Heriots (8 boats) 28 fish for 56lbs. 31st August: Winchburgh (5 boats) 45 trout for 109lbs, Glenrothes Kingfishers (4 boats) 22 fish for 47lbs.

Scottish Ladies National Result
17 boats landed 91 fish for 197lbs. Champion for 2003 was Gillian Forsyth of Methven (Perthshire) Gill managed to land her limit of 8 fish for 17lbs 6oz. The ladies were allowed to catch and release after this (no boobies or barbless hooks) and Gill managed another fish for which she was awarded 1½lbs to give a total bag weight of 18lbs 14oz. Gill was fishing an orange blob and white cat in International Bay. 2nd placed was Barbara Fraser with 8 fish for 17lbs 11oz, on a white cat and snatcher and 3rd was Liz Ellison with 5 fish for 11lbs on a white cat. 4th Lana Taylor (4 fish), 5th Irene Clarke (5 fish), 6th Wendy Mitchell (5 fish), 7th Sheila Mannion, 8th Jess Mitchell, 9th Morag Wallace, 10th Abigail Leonard, 11th Jane Wright, 12th Bunty Webster and 13th Margaret Johnston. These anglers all qualified for the National Ladies Team. The top five bags all fished a floating line and included a white cat. Best Newcomer Sheila Mannion. Heaviest fish Margaret Johnston (3lbs 4oz).

left to right
Barbara Fraser, Champion Gill Forsyth, Sheila Mannion, Liz Ellison and Margaret Johnston.






1st September: Helensburgh AC 25 rods landed 53 fish for 130lbs. (Joe McCready and 3 pounder, is pictured right).


Quint Glen (Mgr)