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Lake of Menteith 23rd October
6ft Water Temperature  7.5C, Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.5m .

A Sublime Problem at Menteith
It has been the busiest end to the season I can remember at the Lake. The three big factors have to be the weather, the quality of the fish and sustained stocking and catch and release in the last few weeks. We did what was to be our last stocking yesterday of 450 two to three pound fish but on lifting all the nets we found we had 500 more fish left than originally thought and this is not a sales pitch. The problem is we don’t like handling the fish so estimating remaining numbers involves lifting the net and having a look and or on feed response. Numbers delivered can vary widely, or predators can disappear fish, so subtracting removals from an initial number can be way out. The options are stock them now or protect them in the cages and feed them on over the winter. We will be doing both another stock today of around 300, which isn’t a bad thing due to the amount of recent business, and I plan to evaluate a demand feeder for the retained balance in the cages over the winter, with a view to releasing later in the winter. Douglas called it “a good problem”, I prefer “subliminal or subconscious planning”.

Boat Availability: With the weather looking fairly calm for the next few days and with one week to go, we have 7 boats available tomorrow (Thurs), 19 on Friday, 1 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday (permits cost will be reduced by 25% due to clocks going back) and plenty on Mon, Tues and Wednesday of next week. Kirk and School Day is full but there are a couple of spaces on the waiting list which might become available depending on outboard karma/wizardry.

The Lake continues to fish well and areas mentioned have been Hotel Bay, Sam’s Point and Marker Buoys, Lochend, Heronry and Gateside. The fish are not deep and clarity is currently good so dries or nymphs and lures on a sink tip have been working. The good ol’ booby, blobs and fabs on a denser line have been a successful alternative. The big fish have almost disappeared from below the pens and are appearing in catches all round the Lake, notably the Heronry and around the Islands in the last few days. The rope at Gateside will not be removed this end of season as I would like to guarantee a few leviathons for next year. In any case once feeding ceases at the cages (it’s been more or less stopped for the last couple of weeks) and the pens are emptied – the resident fish move out into the Lake. James Litster is shown top with a 7lb 2oz resident taken from “around the Islands”!

He has done it again! Callum Steven form West Lothian (left) is the winner of the Cormorant Youth Club Shield (3rd year running) and the Tam Denholm Memorial Chase (2nd year running). Big thanks to Alasdair Mair for his work with organising the Cormorants and also to all the coaches and boatmen who make the club possible.

Angus Barbour from Glasgow will be fishing in the Youth National Finals this weekend at the Lake. He is pictured right, last week with a Lake five pounder.

Couldn't resist this autumnal shot from Colin Riach