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The Lake has a rare and an ideal environment for pike, and holds the Ladies UK weight record of 39lbs 8oz (also the Lake weight record). There is a superb head of these wild fish which give superb sport on the spinner or fly tackle. On the most recent outing on 12/11/11, 30 boats landed 216 pike in total. The catch included 9 fish greater than 20lbs (biggest 25lbs 12oz) and 32 doubles.

Lure and Dead Baiting:

Four days of Pike fishing is available through PAAS or the PAC in the winter months. These clubs are charged £56 for a two man weekend boat in 2012. Each club has one lure only day and one lure or dead bait day. No freshwater dead baits are allowed. Rules for these days are available from the clubs - PAAS (Pike Anglers Alliance Scotland)and the PAC (Pike Angling Club of Great Britain and Ireland). The dates for these events can be found under Events/Competitions.

In addition PAAS has recently negotiated some lure only evenings on the 7th May and the 11th of June (the charge per two man boat is £31).

Fly Fishing for Pike

Fly fishing for pike is available to the general public as per trout fly fishing. Prices are as for trout angling. Tuition is readily available as is tackle hire (see coaching and tariff pages).

Below is the current procedure and rules for fly fishing for pike. No doubt refinements can be made so please feel free to comment re possible improvements as it is early days.

Fish are to be unhooked in the water in the net. So if fishing two to a boat, unhookers should make sure that the other angler does not unbalance the boat. Pike nets will be provided. Only Drogues supplied by the fishery are allowed. If the fish is to be weighed this should be done by attaching scales to net for a quick weight to be achieved. If a photo is required the fish can be held for a short moment above (or nearly above) the water while the photo is taken. The body and the head should be equally supported – especially with large fish as if too much weight is supported from the gills, damage to the fish can occur. All anglers should carry long nose pliers for releasing the hook and wire cutters in case the hook needs to be cut. Only single debarbed hooks (max size 6) are allowed. The maximum number of boat permits issued will be 10 and the price for an evening boat is as detailed under tariffs.  A proper weight of fly rod is required (9-10wt) as this ensures that the fish is played out quickly.  All fished should be supported in the water after unhooking until they can vigorously swim away. In summer, the Lake is a stratified (distinct temperature reduction with depth) and these layers do not mix until winter. As the Lake is mesotrophic (moderately productive) there are many organisms living and growing at all depths. In the summer these organisms quickly use up all the oxygen at depth, and as there is no mixing below about 10m, these deeper layers become anaerobic (devoid of oxygen). If a fish is released too early above these deeps then it will sink into an area with no oxygen and die. Particular care should be taken when releasing fish above deeper areas and fishing should be concentrated in areas of shallower water (the majority of the Lake is less than 10m deep) to avoid this possibility (see depth map in brochure).

All boats must fill in a catch return (use trout recording sheet) but state number and weight of pike caught. The fishery is and will remain primarily a trout angling water and income from pike fishing will help to boost trout stocking levels and maintenance of the boat fleet. We currently have pike gear for hire (cost £6, £20 deposit).

To summarise:

Pike Fly Fishing is allowed as per trout fly fishing.

All fish must be unhooked outside the boat (pay attention to balancing the boat).

Fish must be held until recovered before release.

Weighing to be done in capture net using portable spring scale.

Long nosed pliers and wire cutters to be carried at all times for unhooking, hook cutting.

All hooks to be debarbed – max size 6.0

9/10wt rod required.

Accurate catch returns required from all boats (including blank returns)

Only drogues, nets, mats supplied by fishery allowed on water.